IOSH Managing Safely

Why not join us on our IOSH Managing Safely course in London?

Make sure you are up to date with the latest health and safety requirements,

We are dedicated to teaching managing and supervising safety to those sharing responsibility of a property. Managing safety is important for all businesses. We’re confident we can make sure you are prepared to deal with issues that could evolve in your company.

Our team provide practical advice during the course that is bespoke to your business’ needs. Over the course of three days you will learn anything from how to control hazards to carrying out a practical risk assessment. This means that you can also learn a wide range of knowledge within a short space of time.


IOSH are one of the leading suppliers of healthy and safety training. That is why we have a dedicated course using their materials to ensure that anyone with management or supervisory responsibilities is prepared with plans of action to maintain safety in their business.

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