A risk assessment course is designed to ensure that anyone who has management or supervising safety responsibilities. Our team at Terra Firma 360, can help you and your team members identify and manage your workplace risks, and find reasonably practicable ways to manage them.

Risk assessments are a legal requirement that are meant to reduce accidents in the workplace. Not only is this beneficial for your business, but also give your customers peace of mind knowing that safety is a priority for you and your team members.

We believe that the IOSH is one of the most effective ways to teach businesses how to manage safely,

  • They are up to date with  health and safety legislation and practices.
  • Practical exercises, to make sure you and your team gain experience to deal with hazards and risks in your workplace.
  • Real life safety case studies that relate to your teams challenges and workplace.

If you would like to book a space on one of our courses, you can do so through our website or by Contacting us