What is IOSH Managing Safely?

health-safety-audit-iconIOSH Managing Safely is a course that has been designed to give people with safety responsibilities the knowledge they need to manage safety effectively. It is a risk management health and safety certificate that will provide your candidates both the technical knowledge and practical skills to manage safety in the workplace better.

Once a learner has completed the multiple choice exam and the risk assessment project they will receive a Managing Safety Certificate from IOSH, the world’s leading professional body for people responsible for safety and health in the workplace.

By completing this course, candidates can work toward being a named competent person for your company, which is a legal requirement under the Management of Health and Safety regulations 1991.

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How long is the IOSH Managing Safely course valid for?

So how often should you renew IOSH?IOSH Managing Safely

The Managing Safely certificate does not have an expiry date; but because it is important to keep your knowledge of safety legislation current because things change.

IOSH recommends that you complete a Managing Safely Refresher Course every 3 years which is a one day course, wheras the IOSH Managing Safely Course is either 3 or 4 days long.  Our public courses are 3 days, but we are happy to do 4 day IOSH Managing Safely for In House bookings.

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Is IOSH Managing Safely Difficult?
How hard is IOSH Managing Safely?IOSH steps

IOSH Managing Safely is a level 2 award, and is suitable for Manager, Supervisors and team leaders who have safety responsibilities. We also find that our clients sign up people with other job roles because they have safety responsibilities too. You don’t need have completed any safety courses before, because our tutors will guide you through the modules of the Managing Safely course, and you will get plenty of test questions and get to complete some practice practical risk assessment projects before the end of the course.

Our tutors post blogs on different Health and Safety topics, and there is also a further information section to help all of our students. Also, you can always contact us if one of your students is struggling.

The IOSH Managing Safely course we run is in English, and whilst it is not specified which level of English is required, we would recommend Intermediate Should you need a translator for an in house course, we can arrange one to work with our tutor and your team.

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss your requirements further.

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Is Managing Safely Suitable for my business?

The IOSH Managing Safely Course is suitable for any business, this is because the content is designed to cover all industries.IOSH Managing Safely

However, our tutors do take in to account who is attending the course and what their jobs and industries are, and where possible, tailor the exercise and case studies towards the different candidates in the room.

We have worked with Engineering, Electrical Installation, Museums, Office Coordinators, Security firms, Food Manufacturing, Students, School business managers and many more. If you want to discuss your requirements with one of our team, please get in touch by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

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Do you run Managing Safely In House?

The good news is Yes we do run in house Managing Safely courses, and you can have a choice of 3 or 4 days. IOSH Brain

You can choose from booking 3 or 4 consecutive days, or spacing them out over a period of time.

If you want the 4 day course, we can use your company risk assessment procedures and templates for the practical project, so that your candidates are trained to follow your procedures instead of having to train them again later on down the line.

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How many Modules does IOSH Managing Safely have?

There are 7 modules covered in IOSH Managing Safely and a practical risk assessment module.teaching IOSH Managing Safely

The subjects covered are:

  • Why Manage Health and Safety
  • Assessing Risks
  • Controlling Risks
  • Understanding safety responsibilities
  • Understanding hazards
  • Investigating Incidents
  • Measuring safety performance

All are essential to managing safety in any business.

Is there an exam with IOSH Managing Safely?

There is a multiple choice exam that is completed by delegates at the end of the exam, and a risk assessment project that all learners have to complete within 2 weeks of the course end date.  Don;t worry if you don’t like exams, our tutor will run through lots of practice questions and some mock risk assessment projects.IOSH Managing safely